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wanna be the song

be the song that you hear in your head

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This is the music rec journal for rhythmsextion because she thought it might be a nice idea to actually give the poor helpless souls on her friends-of list the actual choice to subject themselves to her musical tastes instead of mercilessly forcing it upon them. And yes, she knows she could just use filters, but that's just annoying. And making new journals/communities is fun and shiny. No, really.

At the moment she will be the only person able to post in the community, but everyone is welcome to comment and rec their own stuff as they see fit. There may come a time when the the community will be opened to let others post as well, but for now it's just her. Because she's an egomaniac.

Also, all posts are Member's Only as rhythmsextion is a paranoid bitch, so one will have to join the community to see any posts. Of course, one is also free to come and go as one pleases.

By the way, this journal is by no means meant to be an alternative to actually purchasing music. Much of the stuff rec'ced herein here will be from rhythmsextion's own personal and paid-for collection. If it's not, it will be soon. She strongly encourages you to download and listen to your heart's content and if you find something you like to go out and support the artist.